Unprecedented resilience

man pointing to smiley face not angry or sad face

The property market has hit many bumps in the road, but none as big as the COVID-19 one. This bump has halted many in their stride and has unearthed enough questions to fill a bottomless bucket. 

Some of those questions have been asked of us; particularly those relating to the property market and the outlook for property professionals. The questions posed relate not only to concern about job prospects and future projects being delayed, but (interestingly) to opportunities, long-term planning and career progression. 

It is gradually becoming apparent to us that whilst a handshake will never again be taken for granted, more and more people (candidates and clients) are using this time to reflect on where they are, where they wanted to be and what they had hoped to achieve. 

No one is giving up or giving in. Resilience is unprecedented. The market is holding steadfast and is confident of a strong rebound in the second half of the year. With a positive long-term outlook, our clients are managing their risk and, wherever possible, pursuing their recruitment plans. 

The digital capability we all have now allows us to adapt quickly to accommodate meetings and interviews in safe and socially distant environments. Our clients are open to these new approaches and fully embracing the use of technology to enable them to continue operating as usual and without unnecessary delay to their recruitment plans. 

So whilst you may momentarily pause to take stock, don’t be unnerved by this bump in the road. Soon you’ll be looking at it in your rear-view mirror and hopefully not regretting any missed opportunities. 

To discuss your career and possible opportunities, please call us today for a confidential chat or “virtual” coffee. We won’t, on this occasion, be able to share our biscuits. 

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