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Responsible business

A positive force for change

A top priority

Responsibility and sustainability are at the absolute heart of our business.  Where we stand out from other recruitment agencies is in our wealth of excellent connections within the sector.  And in our unrivalled position as a market leader, we’re able to creatively challenge the issues faced in recruitment and influence change – it’s an opportunity that we take very seriously.  We believe that when we work together, we have the power to make big changes.

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Environmental & sustainability

At Carriera, we have a strong belief in acting with integrity.  We don’t just do things right, we do the right thing.  And this is particularly relevant when it comes to being environmentally sound in our daily working activities both in and out of the office.  

We recognise the impact that we all have on the environment.  Through proactive management of our activities, our collective team is committed to minimising our contribution to climate change and pollution, by reducing our business emissions, preventing waste, while striving for sustainable travel on work-related journeys.  Not only that but we’ve actively set a team target to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions of at least 30% by 2030.

Community & fundraising

Every year we choose to give back by selecting a charity to support that’s close to our hearts.  For us, it’s about finding a smaller charity where we know that our fundraising activities can make a real difference.  This year, we’ve chosen to support a fabulous charity called Place2be, a children’s mental health charity.  We know that children shouldn’t have to face mental health problems alone, and this incredibly dedicated charity makes a real difference to the mental health of many young people.

Previous charities that we’ve also worked with include Ciao Foundation, Bloodwise, and Mind UK.  In particular, this superb charity works incredibly hard to support those challenged with mental health problems. Through the Covid-19 pandemic, Mind UK worked tirelessly to help those in need.  And we were proud to support them in September 2021, with members of our fantastic team taking part in the Blenheim Palace Triathlon to raise much needed funds.

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Wider network

In our constant aim to deliver a sustainable and responsible service to our clients and candidates, this is also echoed in the relationships that we forge with our suppliers.  Consequently, we expect all of our suppliers to maintain the highest standards of human rights and sustainability in their workplace and wider operations.  

We’re proud to work with an excellent range of professional organisations; taking time to ensure that their business values reflect ours.  We aim for an open dialogue and a collaborative approach on all issues that affect our business industries.

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Gift A Tree

We partner with Gift A Tree, a programme which is making a real and tangible difference to climate change. By re-wilding, increasing biodiversity and preserving and restoring wild landscapes, we are "helping to save the planet one tree at a time". 

For every invoice we raise, a tree will be planted in designated farmland in Devon. Each tree will be accompanied with details of its exact location in What Three Words coordinates as well as a planting certificate.  

And that's not all; as part of our commitment to the Gift A Tree programme, 500 trees have been added to the planting operation in Tanzania on our behalf!

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Value & culture

True to the core

We’re incredibly proud of our values and culture at Carriera.  We massively invest in our people; ensuring that all of our team are trained to the highest of standards.  This means that every member of staff approaches and undertakes their role with absolute professionalism and integrity.  We’re strongly determined that all of our people should feel safe at work, be fairly rewarded, and have their health and wellbeing needs cared for; continually embracing the individual talents of every team member.  All with the end goal of delivering excellent service to our valued clients and candidates.

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