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True to the core

For us, quality recruitment is about ensuring we work responsibly as much as working effectively.  We’re fortunate to be in a strong position as market leaders.  It’s why we’re chosen as the recruitment partner of choice for so many leading businesses, and the first port of call for executives looking for their next role.

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It may sound clichéd, but here at Carriera, we believe in working together to achieve more.  We never take for granted the connections that we make with our valued clients and candidates.  We constantly look to learn and evolve our offering; all with the constant goal of delivering a more successful service all round.  We’re committed to delivering teamwork - whether that’s our dedicated team of consultants working together, or us developing vital relationships with industry connections, or individuals looking for their next move.  

Honesty is key.  We never underestimate the importance of building long-term sincere relationships with every contact we make.   It’s a two-way conversation; we remain honest with you and we expect the same in return.

Continuous Growth

There’s no doubt that we all look for growth and development in our daily lives.  Whether you’re a client looking to grow and develop your team, or you’re looking for personal growth in skills and expertise with your next move on your career journey, these form part of our combined team goals overall.  We’ve always looked to foster a proactive growth culture here, and this includes supporting our very own team too.  We recognise that everyone is different and should feel valued and encouraged, as much as being well rewarded financially for their efforts.

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Our 4 key values


A core part of our approach is built on the integrity that we instil in everything we do.  It’s vital for us that we build trust in all of our relationships and daily working activities.  For this reason, we ensure that all of our actions are entirely responsible; it’s where we stand out from the rest.


We constantly look to develop our own skills of our dedicated team here at Carriera.  In growing our own knowledge through innovative training, this enables us to help you, our valued clients and candidates.  And not only does this help you, but also helps to motivate our fantastic team members as part of their self-development.



As part of our dedicated commitment to be human and to be kind, consultation is one our key cornerstones of our values and culture.  We particularly encourage thoughtful and open dialogue at all times; taking time to listen to your requirements and aspirations, so that we can deliver better individual results for you. 


Beyond a doubt, we’re strong believers in collaboration and the successful results that it generates as part of a successful business.  We know that working closely with our clients and candidates means that there is a better chance of gaining greater understanding for individual needs and delivering more effective placements and job offers.


Meet the team

We're ready for you

We’re very proud of our superb team here at Carriera.  Every single person is dedicated to going the extra mile – it’s where we specialise and one of the reasons why we’re leaders in our field.  Each individual brings their own skills and expertise to Carriera.  With vast experience in the property and construction recruitment industry, all of our consultants are committed to delivering genuinely honest and proactive service at all times.  We can’t wait to meet you.  In the meantime, find out more about all of our team members.

meet the team

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