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Diversity & inclusion

Inclusion and diversity at Carriera

Through our extensive background as employers in the construction property recruitment arena, we have ensured that our focus is on providing a working experience that is accepting of all individuals and backgrounds.  We’ve set out below our company goals in respect of inclusion and diversity, and how we are proud to ensure they are fulfilled.

Positive working environment

At Carriera, we know that no two people are the same – and neither should they be.  For us, in order to create a successful working environment, through our knowledge as recruitment experts, we know that diversity and inclusion refers to bringing together varied and different perspectives and experiences.  Through this collaboration, this is how ideas are generated and creative solutions are built.  In effect, the start for new opportunities and positive working possibilities.

Certainly, we recognise that when all of our differences are embraced, people thrive.  For this reason, this is why we are entirely committed to creating an encouraging environment where every individual feels comfortable to bring their true and unique selves to work. In order to support every member of our team, we’ve prioritised six diversity threads.

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Our six key threads to diversity & inclusion


We strongly believe that men and women should be able to progress equally in their careers and that they should also feel supported in balancing their work-life responsibilities – both inside and outside of work.  This is why we’re committed to creating an environment where this actually happens; giving encouragement to every member of our team.

Ethnicity & race

As recruitment experts, we work with individuals from all backgrounds – and this goes for both our clients or candidates.  It’s vital that our consultants reflect the cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and races that exist across the board in construction and property markets.  For us, this means encompassing the vast range of industries, sectors and communities in which we work.  

Social mobility

We’re all individuals and we feel that everyone should have the same opportunities, regardless of social class.  We believe that personal background, social identity and social capital should not be a barrier to your success and career progression.   When you get in touch with us, you can be confident that we treat you with the respect that you would expect from a recruitment expert.

Stage in life

Beyond a doubt, life expectancy has had a huge impact on working opportunities.  Individuals are choosing to work longer and we respect everyone’s rights to choose to do so.  We know that everyone requires different working arrangements or flexibility for different reasons, or at different stages of their lives.  We believe that these should be embraced.


At Carriera, we’re strong supporters of the LGBT community.  In total respect for every individual’s wishes, we strive to create a working environment that is entirely inclusive.  This means that no matter what sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression you may have, we will respect and treat you positively, and ensure that you feel that you belong.



Everyone has unique talents and abilities, and this includes those with physical or mental disabilities.  We’re determined to recognise and harness these skills within our team.  At Carriera, we’re proud to be a Disability Confident employer.  This means that we’re committed to shaping our business, as well as that of our clients, to be fully inclusive for all abilities.

Values & Culture

True to the core

We’re proud of our values here at Carriera, and we’re continually determined to follow the six threads in all our daily activities.  They hold us all together as a cohesive unit with shared, open values and aspirations.

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