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What we've read so far...

Ah, the Carriera book club we hear you say - a sanctuary of intellectual discourse, camaraderie, and occasionally, unintentional hilarity.

Picture this: a motley crew of colleagues, armed with copies of the latest bestseller and a fervent desire to expand their minds, gathers on Teams for another literary adventure. Well, that's us on the last Tuesday of every month! 

2024 is off to a good start. We read a few through-provoking books and discussions have flourished:

  • High Performance by Jake Humphrey and Prof Damien Hughes brilliantly summarises the world of the highest performers and lends itself to so many parts of our business and personal lives.
  • Counterfeit by Kirsten Chen is a energetic insight into the world of counterfeit handbags - we learnt a lot!
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@*k by Mark Manson goes against the grain and challenges conventional thought by cutting through the crap but panders to the generation of self-helpers.
  • S.U.M.0 by Paul McGee contains simple, effective concepts to incorporate in your everyday life. 

We have many more pages to turn through the year. There's definitely a theme to reading tastes within the group, and while some champion the latest Booker prize winner, others prefer the inspirational narratives to foster growth and development. 

The Carriera book club endures as a cherished institution. It's a testament to the power of literature to inspire, provoke, and—above all—unite even the most unlikely of colleagues! And it's actually quite a giggle! 


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