Blueprint for success: Unveiling the diverse career landscape of building surveyors

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The building surveying profession is one that offers a full and diverse career. It is an eclectic balance of professions within the construction industry, incorporating aspiring architects, cost managers, project managers, health & safety consultants, structural engineers and sustainability consultants.

This balance allows the building surveying profession to be nicely diverse in their service offering, being the first port of call in maintaining or enhancing an asset, giving pre-acquisition advice, aiding in boundary disputes, development advice or helping with sustainability or decarbonisation. 

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A building surveying degree will allow an individual to continue being a generalist or specialise in a chosen service offering, like technical due diligence, project/development monitoring, neighbourly matters or project/development management.  As the linchpin of construction projects, entrusted with a multifaceted array of responsibilities that span from inception to completion, building surveyors are adept at melding technical expertise with regulatory acumen whilst also navigating the labyrinthine landscapes of building codes, zoning regulations, and environmental standards.

At Carriera we understand the depth of capability the profession has and the impact it can make on the built and developing environment. Our team is lucky enough to have supported the profession over the last 22 years, bringing together a combined service in excess of 45 years to the building surveying profession. Many of the graduates and experienced building surveyors we have placed over the years are now business owners, head of departments or principals at developers or landed estates, so (we hope!) the advice we offer is second to none - or at least the passion we bring is!

Our services are free to candidates, and include career and market mapping, salary benchmarking, cv writing, interview advice and preparation, and - once we have helped find the role you desire - onboarding and integration. 

So, if you are a graduate looking to take your first steps in to the building surveying profession, a chartered building surveying wanting to know what opportunities exist or what pathways are open to you, or perhaps you are a director/partner looking to achieve an equity stake - we can help you realise your ambitions.

Our building surveying team comprises Elliot Wright, Lewis West, Celia Harker, Ashley Talbott and Oliver Hampson. Please do get in touch and allow us to help you realise your potential.

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