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Responsible business

Fundraising at Carriera


We’ve got a great team here at Carriera.  We work hard for our clients and candidates; helping them succeed in their recruitment projects and their career journeys.  We also recognise that our team like a challenge, and we feel that fundraising is a brilliant way to help others.

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Giving back

Our team likes to give back too.  It’s for this reason that every year, we choose a charity that’s close to our hearts that our team can support.  We want to make a real difference, so we typically choose to help smaller charities.  This means that our team can help a much-needed cause.



This year we are supporting Place2be, a children's mental health charity. We have volunteered at various events, including the Young Voices concert at the O2 Arena. We have also raised significant sums to undertake a 10 hour hike of the Surrey Three Peaks! 

Mind UK

In response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mind UK was a hugely beneficial service to so many. In conjunction with our drive to boost mental and physical well-being, we supported Mind UK throughout 2020 and 2021.

CiaO Foundation

For many years we have supported the CiaO Foundation; a small charity focused on providing practical support and encouragement to those whose life circumstances, health or injury have resulted in them facing huge challenges. We were able to support some of the most remarkable people. 

Values & Culture

True to the core

We’re incredibly proud of our values and culture at Carriera.  We massively invest in our people; ensuring that all of our team are trained to the highest of standards.  This means that every member of staff approaches and undertakes their role with absolute professionalism and integrity.  We’re strongly determined that all of our people should feel safe at work, be fairly rewarded, and have their health and wellbeing needs cared for; continually embracing the individual talents of every team member.  All with the end goal of delivering excellent service to our valued clients and candidates.

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