Why health & safety in construction really matters

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Potentially one of the most dangerous working environments; it's essential everyone is safe. 

In 2020 Carriera introduced a Health & Safety desk to provide clients with experienced and competent safety professionals across the property and construction industries. As one of the most dangerous working environments, it's essential that our clients are equipped with expert staff to ensure everyone working on site returns home every day.

Carriera has looked at the construction health and safety data across the UK and has found some positive trends. 

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Construction is a diverse industry that accounts for approximately 3 million jobs in Britain - 10% of the country’s total employment. With an output of more than £110 billion per annum, it also contributes 7% of GDP and is consistently growing. 

Construction has many different sectors and activities; some have a higher risk factor than others. These include mining, quarrying and forestry to the construction of infrastructure and buildings. The manufacture and supply of products as well as maintenance, operation, and disposal.

Injury and fatality in the workplace is unfortunately something that happens to over 100 people every year. It is extremely important that our construction workers are up to date with current health and safety legislation and follow the best practises and procedures to ensure the risk of injury or fatality is reduced. 

Workplace health and safety refers to an expansive set of principles and practices focussed on managing health and safety risks to workers, customers, and the public. In the construction sector, health and safety laws in the workplace are continually being updated to reflect best practise, modern methods and new research. While being heavily regulated, the industry is flexible and dynamic and can quickly respond to necessary changes in law, practice and policies to ensure that work-related incidents are minimised. For instance, the HSE reports, that in 2021/22, a total of 123 workers were killed in work-related accidents in Britain. This is a reduction from 2020/21 by 22 fatalities where there were 145 deaths, a quarter of which were in the construction sector. 

Non-fatal injury has also been reducing in response to new laws, policies and procedures with 78,222 employer reported non-fatal injuries to employees in 2012/13, and 51,211 in 2021/22 as reported by the HSE.  

The health and safety practices introduced across the UK over the last 40 years have clearly lead to a decrease in fatalities and non-fatal injures across all sectors. As the sector strengthens with experience and expertise, we can rest assured that this is industry is robust, safe and diligent. 

Carriera is able to advise you on improving your health & safety culture and offering within your business and, similarly, can advise individuals on their appointment with a health & safety practice. Please get in touch. 

Article by Mike Davis and Oscar Mills 

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