The best ways to engage with your recruiter

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There are many misconceptions that lead candidates to believing they are better placed for searching for job opportunities themselves. But this is simply not the case.

An experienced and knowledgable recruiter can make a tangible difference to your career. Lewis West takes a look at how you should engage with your recruiter. 

Step 1 

First, carry out your research. You want a recruiter who is a specialist in their field with proven knowledge and expertise in placing people at a similar level. Ask your peers, friends and previous colleagues in industry for recommendations and don’t assume that the agency with the most job ads is the best. Take your time, carry out your due diligence and find who’s best for you.

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Step 2

Be honest! Remember, recruiters are here to help and guide you, so no question is ever too silly, nor should you ever feel concerned about the information you divulge. This is an opportunity to discuss what you love and what you don’t enjoy in full confidence. The more honest you are, the better a recruiter can represent you and suggest more appropriate opportunities.

Step 3

A recruiter is here to advise you. A recruiter's job is to be realistic and to help manage your expectations. Their industry knowledge, insights and understanding of what their clients are looking for are vital pieces of information that you will not usually find in an advert. Take on board what they say, take plenty of notes, discuss feedback and ask lots of questions. If something doesn't sit right with you; be honest so that the recruiter can either explain the reasoning behind their suggestions or get back on track if having made a mistake. 

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Step 4

Communication. A recruiter will work on other requirements, retainers, and with other applicants. If they call you, it's important! Keeping communication tight allows recruiters to work efficiently and effectively. This is also a great indicator for their clients and your potential employer on how serious you are about the opportunity. Look, we get it! We all have lives and are usually busy throughout the day, so may not immediately respond. Discuss with your recruiter the best times and days to catch you.

Now that you have found the right recruiter to work with; trust the process. If they are working hard on your behalf and providing you with the service you were looking for, stick with them. Don't flood the market with your CV.

In this time you will get other proposals and opportunities which may be hard to ignore. However, if you have chosen the right recruiter, they will have already suggested these opportunities to you. Whilst they have their own client base, a good recruiter will always look to identify other opportunities in the market so that you don't miss out. Trust the process!

So, no matter where you are in the job searching process these are the key ways to build a solid relationship with you recruiter. 

Article by Lewis West

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