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Executive search

Finding your professionals

Now more than ever, it’s vital that you have the right team going forward.  And that may mean finding the best people who aren’t actually currently searching for a new role.  With our bespoke search and selection services, we’re able to connect you to the right calibre individuals who have just the right blend of skills and experience.

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Talent identification

With many of the roles that we recruit for being both senior and specialised, we go through a rigorous process to have a clear understanding of your exact business needs; enabling us to identify the most appropriate candidates for your vacancy.  Our extensive experience in property recruitment and construction recruitment means that we have an excellent knowledge of the market; having built a superb network of contacts that we can leverage to find the right person for you.

Typically, we’re involved in the search and selection for many senior roles including developers, end users and landed estates, however our extensive client list also sees us searching extensively within the financial and property markets.  You’ll be safe in the knowledge that we’re targeting the right calibre people for your appointment.

Understanding your needs

We know how important it is to get recruitment right.  Which is why we spend considerable time finding out everything we need to know about your business; products, services and ethos.  We want to ensure we have the perfect knowledge of the role that you want to fill in order to be successful.

Assessing the market

Where we’re set apart from other recruitment agencies is in our ability to provide you a detailed map of your market.  Depending on your individual needs, we can deliver a niche target map or a much broader overview, giving us a great picture of where we need to search for you.

Using our network

With over 50 years' aggregate experience, we’ve built up a successful network of prospective candidates.  We take considerable time to fully research all of these individuals so that when we discuss the shortlist with you, we’re already on the right path.  And once you’ve chosen who you’d like to talk with, we’ll make the necessary confidential approaches.  

Successful transition 

Once the selection is complete, we don’t stop there either.  We know it’s vital that the transition process is effectively handled, both on your side and the candidate’s – saving you valuable time and effort, so that you can get the right person started as quickly and effectively as possible.

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