Let us help you stand out from the crowd

At Carriera we take pride in who we represent, and how we present our candidates to prospective employers. Benefiting from a deep understanding of our candidates’ personal and professional aspirations, we’re able to make connections to some of the best, and most compatible, employers in the market and ensure that you are well equipped to outperform the competition. So how do we do this?

We meet with you.

We will meet with you to understand your experience, abilities, career ambitions and personality traits. This enables us to develop a clear brief and make sure we have understood your needs.

A considered, targeted approach.

We then take some time to consider your brief and, utilising our extensive network and vast sector experience, we present you with a tailored shortlist of companies we suggest we approach on your behalf. We provide details about the greater business, the teams, the clients, past and future projects and what we perceive the opportunity could hold for you. Once you have taken the time to consider the options available to you, we will act on your instruction as to which organisation(s) to approach.

A meaningful introduction.

We never just forward your CV. A thorough, timely and professional introduction is made on your behalf to your chosen organisation(s). These organisations (our clients) expect us to pull on our expertise to give a more rounded and fuller overview of your skills and how you would benefit our client’s business. This is what sets us apart from other recruiters and headhunters – we carefully and very successfully connect the right candidate with the right business and this can only be achieved through years of experience and close relationships with clients.

A successful interview

You are then fully supported through the interview process so you are able to present yourself in the best possible manner. We have a dedicated service which provides you with all the information you need in readiness for your interview from venue details, example questions and a profile of the interviewer(s). We do this throughout the interview process, whether this be a one stage interview or six sets of interviews. At each stage throughout the interview process we give detailed feedback and advice for the next stages.

The offer

We will then help you through the offer process, seeking clarification and negotiating any key points on your behalf. Once you have accepted the offer we provide close support and assistance through your resignation process and advise you on your contractual rights.

Throughout your notice period we stay in close contact making sure we have secured everything you need and are ready for starting your new career. Even once you have started, we are on hand to make sure you integrate well and have everything you need to make an impact.

If you are looking for a more personal approach in achieving your career ambitions and want to benefit from an experienced and well-connected team, please contact us.