As sector specialists, we provide focused advice and support throughout the lifespan of your career. We take the time to get to know our candidates, learning about your experience, workload, client base and aspirations – often before any mandate is contemplated – and only then, when we have a deep understanding of your needs and goals, do we make connections (with your authority) on your behalf.

We are highly experienced in managing the recruitment process at every level – from senior partners or directors through to junior associates. We recognise the importance and significance of this process to our candidates and are there to offer support and advice throughout the process; from CV drafting, through to interview preparation, the offer process, resignation management and integration.

We also offer a range of other services tailored to our candidates, including:

Benchmarking and career advice

We can provide an informed industry and sector overview and can discuss with you comparable compensation packages. We can also advise you on opportunities within the market and how best to secure your intermediate and longer term goals.

Company search

We provide an exclusive service to individuals and teams wanting the best opportunities the market can offer. This is non-chargeable service which is delivered on the trust that both parties work exclusively with each other. Sectors, companies and locations are mapped out to identify the best opportunities to pursue and how to manage those opportunities to a successful conclusion.

CV writing, interview and presentation advice

We are able to advise you on the important aspects of writing your CV, preparing for an interview and how to present yourself in interviews, meetings and selections at every stage of your career.

To discuss your career or compensation on a completely confidential basis, please get in touch.